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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Happy Hooker With a New Crochet Dude!

so it all begins.
a hobby.
with a hook by the Crochet Dude.
the biggest hook I've ever used--size "Q"
and yarn.
with all the beautiful
colors and textures.

violet & black ultra thick and cozy infinity scarf 

the beginning of a Downton Abbey hat (so excited to see what it will look like)!
and ribbed Espresso bootcuffs. completed project next post.

the most wonderful and my favorite Crochet Dude hook. projects go so quickly with bulky yarn and a huge hook! 
    and ofcourse,
    everyone needs a helper.....
    meet Miss Maggie Mae.  our mascot.

our wintercollection is almost ready for full viewing.  in the meantime please stop by and like our page on facebook at 

until next time

Happy Hooking.

ps  these photos are from my cell, so next time they will be by my camera!   

Available For Freelance Photography Projects

Available For Freelance Photography Projects

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