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God decided my parents needed someone to keep them young. He created me. The daughter of older parents that I was blessed to have on Earth until a few years ago.  Mom wore the pants and Dad was a clown. (Not by career choice).  I am blessed to have the best characteristics of both. Well. Some may say they may not be the best, but I feel they are.

We did everything together, from church to family vacations. Oh. Those memories are held close to my heart.

Getting the decorating and thrifting bug from Mom and watching the checkbook closely from Dad, I fell in love with worn, tatterered used items from the S&H Green Stamp Store.
We went there weekly, gathering the stamps and carefully placing them in the book.  Counting up how much we accumulated, Dad would patiently wait in the car while we gathered our goods. love of vintage and creating new from the old began.

As well as cutting out photos in magazines at the age of 13, pasting the photos on index cards and keeping them in an old (what else) wooden recipe box.

At age 14, I was blessed to receive a "NEW" Polaroid camera. 
I remember it was light blue.
I would snap anything and everyone in sight.  My albums were overflowing with blurred pictures and people with their heads cut off....So yet another hobby was born. Photography. How I love to  look into this small hole, click a button, capture an image and create a cherished memory.

Now decades later, my journey continues......
I hope you will stop by and read
 about my junking, thrifting, painting and 
whatever else trips my fancy at the moment.

May He Be with You Today & Everyday!

Available For Freelance Photography Projects

Available For Freelance Photography Projects

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